Changes to Pace DC investments – June 2019

Man sitting at desk

In June, the Trustee agreed a small change to the way the Pace Growth (Mixed) Fund invests, following discussions with the Co-op and feedback from members of Pace DC.  You will be invested in this fund if you use one of the three Target options (including the default option if you have not made your own investment choice), or if you chose to invest in this fund. There won’t be any changes to the charges for the fund.

The fund has the same financial objectives, but now aims to take into account the environmental and social behaviours of businesses it invests in, as well as how well they are governed and run, when deciding how much to invest in different companies.
The Trustee has made this change because it believes that members of Pace DC are long-term investors, and that a default investment option for the scheme should invest in companies that can deliver sustainable, long-term value, with proper consideration of environmental, social and corporate governance factors (including climate change).
Further details are available in the Pace DC fund guide, or the Pace Growth (Mixed) Fund factsheet on the Pace DC website.