Are your details up to date?

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Update your details 

The Pace and Somerfield Trustees have recently reviewed the information it holds for members who are receiving a Pace or Somerfield pension but don’t live in the UK. They would like to check that what they hold on file for you is still accurate. 

They would like to check that they have correct details of:
your address
your date of birth 

The Pace and Somerfield Trustees are working closely with XPS Pensions Group (“XPS”), a leading pensions consultancy, to help to check this information. If you live outside of the UK you may have received a letter from XPS which sets out how to update your personal details. 

If you have any questions following receipt of the letter, please call XPS from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday on 0118 918 50 58 quoting the reference at the top of your letter or visit the Online Verification Website at; to confirm your details. 

Thank you in advance for your help in updating the Pace and Somerfield Trustee’s records; this is much appreciated.