I have benefits in Pace DC and Pace DB

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Pace DB closed on 28 October 2015. This means no-one has been able to build up any more pension in Pace DB since then. You can find out about your Pace DB pension here:

Pace DB

If you moved to Pace DC at the time that Pace DB closed, it is very likely you have pension savings in both sections. You can find out more about how this section of Pace works here:

Pace DC

If you need to get in touch

Pace DB is looked after by the Co-op Pensions Department, so if you have any questions about your Pace DB pension that aren’t answered on this website, you should contact the Co-op Pensions Department.

Pace DC is administered by Legal & General. You can see how your Pace DC account is invested – and change your investment options at any time – by logging into Legal & General’s online system, Manage your Account. Or, you can contact Legal & General if you have a question about your Pace DC account.

Taking your benefits

The Pace DC pension guide and Pace DB pension guide explain how you can take the benefits you’ve built up in both sections of Pace. However, remember that you don’t have to take these benefits at the same time.