Co-op Pension Portal

I'm not in Pace

Everyone who works for the Co-op can join Pace DC. If you're not paying into Pace DC but you'd like to, you can find out how to join and read more about it.

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I'm in Pace DC

Pace DC is the only one of the Co-op’s pension schemes that members are still able to pay into. This is the scheme you are in if you have been automatically enrolled.

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I have benefits in Pace DC and Pace DB

If you worked for the Co-op before 2015, you might have a pension in the closed defined benefit section, Pace DB. Members who were contributing to Pace DB in October 2015 automatically joined Pace DC from that time.

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I'm in Pace DB (formerly Pace Complete)

Pace DB is a defined benefit scheme which opened in 2006 and closed in 2015. It no longer has any contributing members – only pensioners and people who’ve left but kept their pension in Pace until they’re ready to take it.

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I'm thinking about retirement

Whether you're about to retire shortly – or just thinking about your options – this area of the website has lots of information to help.

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I'm a pensioner or I've left the Co-op

This section is for people who are already getting a Co-op pension or who've left the Co-op, which means they're no longer paying into Pace.

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